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Message: 4055389
DATE: 07/19/2000 02:18:42
SUBJECT: RE: [Dillo-dev]Bug #54 : a hint


Le 19-Jul-2000, on m`a dit  : 
>  Eric,
>    I  sent  you  a  patch for testing (private email), but if your
>  will to help is so good as described above, I`d very much like to
>  know  your skills, just to know what I can ask you to do.
>    Sincerely
>    Jorge.-

Patch tested and answered. I`ve never done gtk developement (nor motif, qt or
any X toolkit), but I`ve been coding on linux for a year or so (C, pthreads,
java, php3, html, sql), and I know how to compile and trace a program with
xxgdb (I still have trouble with makefiles, no improvement to expect here
because I`m heavily using CodeCrusader with automated makefiles generation, and
I`ve got to read the man pages everytime I want to apply patches ;-)
I haven`t done C++ for a while, since I`m no more doing Visual C++
developement. I wasn`t so good doing that anyway :-/
The "bigest" linux coding project I`ve been involved in is recoding a dockapp
(wmtime) for my own fits. Dockapps only use Xlib for rendering. ... oh, and I
tried to improve gnome-o-phone sending patches, but I stoped it because of an
argument with the maintener because applying my patches was too much work for

I`d love to contribute to dillo, but I`d prefer the code to be more documented.

PS: I also know quite well forth, asm68k, and Dr`s GEM toolkit, but I don`t
think you`ll find that usefull for dillo ;-)

Eric GAUDET <egaudet@intalio.com>
Le 19-Jul-2000 a 18:03:25
"Not so long ago if you had a 3 1/2 inch floppy 
you hoped nobody found out!"

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