Named entities list

* this entity is not recognized by most html parsers. It is likely a greek letter, a symbol or a mathematical symbol. (see HTML 4 specs paragraph 24.3.1 for more details)
[0.3.1] says Dillo renders the good character for this entity since v0.3.1, while previous versions didn't.
[good] says Dillo v0.2.4 renders the good character for this entity.
[none] says Dillo v0.2.4 renders no character for this entity.
[blank] says Dillo v0.2.4 renders a space character for this entity.
[bad] says Dillo v0.2.4 renders a wrong character which doesn't match this entity.
Note: for a reference rendering of entities, see Amaya.

[Æ] AElig [good]
[Á] Aacute [good]
[Â] Acirc [good]
[À] Agrave [good]
[Α] Alpha* [none]
[Å] Aring [good]
[Ã] Atilde [good]
[Ä] Auml [good]
[Β] Beta* [none]
[Ç] Ccedil [good]
[Χ] Chi* [bad]
[‡] Dagger* [bad]
[Δ] Delta* [none]
[Ð] ETH [good]
[É] Eacute [good]
[Ê] Ecirc [good]
[È] Egrave [good]
[Ε] Epsilon* [none]
[Η] Eta* [none]
[Ë] Euml [good]
[Γ] Gamma* [none]
[Í] Iacute [good]
[Î] Icirc [good]
[Ì] Igrave [good]
[Ι] Iota* [none]
[Ï] Iuml [good]
[Κ] Kappa* [none]
[Λ] Lambda* [none]
[Μ] Mu* [none]
[Ñ] Ntilde [good]
[Ν] Nu* [none]
[Œ] OElig* [bad]
[Ó] Oacute [good]
[Ô] Ocirc [good]
[Ò] Ograve [good]
[Ω] Omega* [bad]
[Ο] Omicron* [none]
[Ø] Oslash [good]
[Õ] Otilde [good]
[Ö] Ouml [good]
[Φ] Phi* [bad]
[Π] Pi* [blank]
[″] Prime* [bad]
[Ψ] Psi* [bad]
[Ρ] Rho* [bad]
[Š] Scaron* [bad]
[Σ] Sigma* [bad]
[Þ] THORN [good]
[Τ] Tau* [bad]
[Θ] Theta* [none]
[Ú] Uacute [good]
[Û] Ucirc [good]
[Ù] Ugrave [good]
[Υ] Upsilon* [bad]
[Ü] Uuml [good]
[Ξ] Xi* [none]
[Ý] Yacute [good]
[Ÿ] Yuml* [bad]
[Ζ] Zeta* [none]
[á] aacute [good]
[â] acirc [good]
[´] acute [good]
[æ] aelig [good]
[à] agrave [good]
[ℵ] alefsym* [bad]
[α] alpha* [bad]
[&] amp [good]
[∧] and* [bad]
[∠] ang* [blank]
[å] aring [good]
[≈] asymp* [bad]
[ã] atilde [good]
[ä] auml [good]
[„] bdquo* [blank]
[β] beta* [bad]
[¦] brvbar [good]
[•] bull* [bad]
[∩] cap* [bad]
[ç] ccedil [good]
[¸] cedil [good]
[¢] cent [good]
[χ] chi* [bad]
[ˆ] circ* [bad]
[♣] clubs* [bad]
[≅] cong* [bad]
[©] copy [good]
[↵] crarr* [bad]
[∪] cup* [bad]
[¤] curren [good]
[⇓] dArr* [bad]
[†] dagger* [blank]
[↓] darr* [none]
[°] deg [good]
[δ] delta* [bad]
[♦] diams* [bad]
[÷] divide [good]
[é] eacute [good]
[ê] ecirc [good]
[è] egrave [good]
[∅] empty* [blank]
[ ] emsp* [blank]
[ ] ensp* [blank]
[ε] epsilon* [bad]
[≡] equiv* [bad]
[η] eta* [bad]
[ð] eth [good]
[ë] euml [good]
[€] euro* [bad]
[∃] exist* [blank]
[ƒ] fnof* [none]
[∀] forall* [very bad : erases the next character (closing bracket)]
[½] frac12 [good]
[¼] frac14 [good]
[¾] frac34 [good]
[⁄] frasl* [bad]
[γ] gamma* [bad]
[≥] ge* [bad]
[>] gt [good]
[⇔] hArr* [bad]
[↔] harr* [none]
[♥] hearts* [bad]
[…] hellip* [bad]
[í] iacute [good]
[î] icirc [good]
[¡] iexcl [good]
[ì] igrave [good]
[ℑ] image* [blank]
[∞] infin* [blank]
[∫] int* [bad]
[ι] iota* [bad]
[¿] iquest [good]
[∈] isin* [blank]
[ï] iuml [good]
[κ] kappa* [bad]
[⇐] lArr* [bad]
[λ] lambda* [bad]
[⟨] lang* [bad]
[«] laquo [good]
[←] larr* [none]
[⌈] lceil* [blank]
[“] ldquo* [blank]
[≤] le* [bad]
[⌊] lfloor* [blank]
[∗] lowast* [blank]
[◊] loz* [bad]
[‎] lrm* [blank]
[‹] lsaquo* [bad]
[‘] lsquo* [blank]
[<] lt [good]
[¯] macr
[—] mdash* [blank]
[µ] micro [good]
[·] middot [good]
[−] minus* [blank]
[μ] mu*
[∇] nabla* [blank]
[ ] nbsp [blank, this one is good]
[–] ndash* [bad]
[≠] ne* [bad]
[∋] ni* [bad]
[¬] not [good]
[∉] notin* [blank]
[⊄] nsub* [none]
[ñ] ntilde [good]
[ν] nu* [bad]
[ó] oacute [good]
[ô] ocirc [good]
[œ] oelig* [bad]
[ò] ograve [good]
[‾] oline* [bad]
[ω] omega* [bad]
[ο] omicron* [bad]
[⊕] oplus* [none]
[∨] or* [bad]
[ª] ordf [good]
[º] ordm [good]
[ø] oslash [good]
[õ] otilde [good]
[⊗] otimes* [none]
[ö] ouml [good]
[¶] para [good]
[∂] part* [blank]
[‰] permil* [bad]
[⊥] perp* [bad]
[φ] phi* [bad]
[π] pi* [bad]
[ϖ] piv* [bad]
[±] plusmn [good]
[£] pound [good]
[′] prime* [bad]
[∏] prod* [bad]
[∝] prop* [bad]
[ψ] psi* [bad]
["] quot [good]
[⇒] rArr* [bad]
[√] radic* [blank]
[⟩] rang* [bad]
[»] raquo [good]
[→] rarr* [none]
[⌉] rceil* [blank]
[”] rdquo* [blank]
[ℜ] real* [blank]
[®] reg [good]
[⌋] rfloor* [blank]
[ρ] rho* [bad]
[‏] rlm* [blank]
[›] rsaquo* [bad]
[’] rsquo* [blank]
[‚] sbquo* [blank]
[š] scaron* [bad]
[⋅] sdot* [bad]
[§] sect [good]
[­] shy [good]
[σ] sigma* [bad]
[ς] sigmaf* [bad]
[∼] sim* [bad]
[♠] spades* [bad]
[⊂] sub* [none]
[⊆] sube* [none]
[∑] sum* [blank]
[⊃] sup* [none]
[¹] sup1 [good]
[²] sup2 [good]
[³] sup3 [good]
[⊇] supe* [none]
[ß] szlig [good]
[τ] tau* [bad]
[∴] there4* [bad]
[θ] theta* [blank]
[ϑ] thetasym* [bad]
[ ] thinsp* [blank]
[þ] thorn [good]
[˜] tilde* [bad]
[×] times [good]
[™] trade* [bad]
[⇑] uArr* [bad]
[ú] uacute [good]
[↑] uarr* [none]
[û] ucirc [good]
[ù] ugrave [good]
[¨] uml [good]
[ϒ] upsih* [bad]
[υ] upsilon* [bad]
[ü] uuml [good]
[℘] weierp* [blank]
[ξ] xi* [bad]
[ý] yacute [good]
[¥] yen [good]
[ÿ] yuml [good]
[ζ] zeta* [bad]
[‍] zwj* [blank]
[‌] zwnj* [blank]

Faulty entities.
[&NotAnEntity;] &NotAnEntity; [good]
[&cop;] &cop; [good]
[&coy;] &coy; [good]
[&cpy;] &cpy; [good]
[&opy;] &opy; [good]
[©] &copy (without trailing ";") [good]
[copy;] copy; (without leading "&") [good]