Latin-1 Character Text Entities

Proposed text entities such as © (©) (for the copyright symbol) and ® (®) are not listed in this table. Also realize that some characters may not display as the symbols which are defined by the 8859-1 specification. This is because the font you are using for preformatted text does not contain the character in question. There is nothing wrong with the markup below, nor with your browser, really. It's just one of those instances where practice doesn't quite live up to the theory.

Note: This table is accurate as of 20 February 1996.

&#number; &name; entity    Descrpition
    "       "    "    Quotation mark
    &       &    &     Ampersand
    <       <    &lt;      Less than
    >       >    &gt;      Greater than
    À       À    &Agrave;  capital A, grave accent
    Á       Á    &Aacute;  capital A, acute accent
    Â       Â    &Acirc;   capital A, circumflex accent
    Ã       Ã    &Atilde;  capital A, tilde
    Ä       Ä    &Auml;    capital A, dieresis or umlaut mark
    Å       Å    &Aring;   capital A, ring
    Æ       Æ    &AElig;   capital AE diphthong (ligature)
    Ç       Ç    &Ccedil;  capital C, cedilla
    È       È    &Egrave;  capital E, grave accent
    É       É    &Eacute;  capital E, acute accent
    Ê       Ê    &Ecirc;   capital E, circumflex accent
    Ë       Ë    &Euml;    capital E, dieresis or umlaut mark
    Ì       Ì    &Igrave;  capital I, grave accent
    Í       Í    &Iacute;  capital I, acute accent
    Î       î    &Icirc;   capital I, circumflex accent
    Ï       Ï    &Iuml;    capital I, dieresis or umlaut mark
    Ð       Ð    &ETH;     capital Eth, Icelandic
    Ñ       Ñ    &Ntilde;  capital N, tilde
    Ò       Ò    &Ograve;  capital O, grave accent
    Ó       Ó    &Oacute;  capital O, acute accent
    Ô       Ô    &Ocirc;   capital O, circumflex accent
    Õ       Õ    &Otilde;  capital O, tilde
    Ö       Ö    &Ouml;    capital O, dieresis or umlaut mark
    Ø       Ø    &Oslash;  capital O, slash
    Ù       Ù    &Ugrave;  capital U, grave accent
    Ú       Ú    &Uacute;  capital U, acute accent
    Û       Û    &Ucirc;   capital U, circumflex accent
    Ü       Ü    &Uuml;    capital U, dieresis or umlaut mark
    Ý       Ý    &Yacute;  capital Y, acute accent
    Þ       Þ    &THORN;   capital THORN, Icelandic
    ß       ß    &szlig;   small sharp s, German (sz ligature)
    à       à    &agrave;  small a, grave accent
    á       á    &aacute;  small a, acute accent
    â       â    &acirc;   small a, circumflex accent
    ã       ã    &atilde;  small a, tilde
    ä       ä    &auml;    small a, dieresis or umlaut mark
    å       å    &aring;   small a, ring
    æ       æ    &aelig;   small ae diphthong (ligature)
    ç       ç    &ccedil;  small c, cedilla
    è       è    &egrave;  small e, grave accent
    é       é    &eacute;  small e, acute accent
    ê       ê    &ecirc;   small e, circumflex accent
    ë       ë    &euml;    small e, dieresis or umlaut mark
    ì       ì    &igrave;  small i, grave accent
    í       í    &iacute;  small i, acute accent
    î       î    &icirc;   small i, circumflex accent
    ï       ï    &iuml;    small i, dieresis or umlaut mark
    ð       ð    &eth;     small eth, Icelandic
    ñ       ñ    &ntilde;  small n, tilde
    ò       ò    &ograve;  small o, grave accent
    ó       ó    &oacute;  small o, acute accent
    ô       ô    &ocirc;   small o, circumflex accent
    õ       õ    &otilde;  small o, tilde
    ö       ö    &ouml;    small o, dieresis or umlaut mark
    ø       ø    &oslash;  small o, slash
    ù       ù    &ugrave;  small u, grave accent
    ú       ú    &uacute;  small u, acute accent
    û       û    &ucirc;   small u, circumflex accent
    ü       ü    &uuml;    small u, dieresis or umlaut mark
    ý       ý    &yacute;  small y, acute accent
    þ       þ    &thorn;   small thorn, Icelandic
    ÿ       ÿ    &yuml;    small y, dieresis or umlaut mark