23 dec 2000: Html.testsuite updated

I just posted an updated version of Dillo's Html.testsuite, to reflect Dillo v0.3.1 changes.
Html.testsuite.tar.gz (browse it online) (and the Png Testsuite)

17 dec 2000: Dillo-plugins in PHP !!!

Here is a Dillo-plugin for using PHP to build applications using the Dillo-plugins mechanism. This is really a wrapper to PHP compiled as CGI, not an Apache module. (enclosed in the archive a sample php application, and hints for compiling PHP)

26 nov 2000: First complete Dillo-plugin : Preferences

Here's the release of the first Preferences(152k) Dillo-plugin, for easy editing dillorc. Enjoy !

24 nov 2000: Dillo-plugins final release.

At least here's the clean and stable version of Dillo-plugins (as it was submitted to Jorge). It's only missing sub-submenus and dynamic menus reconfiguration. The patch is against dillo v0.3.0.
Put some plugins in ~/.dillo/plugins or /usr/local/share/dillo/plugins to test it.

Enclosed in the archive :

patch.dillo.dpi  : the patch against v0.3.0
proto.h          : this is a new file, in dillo/src/IO
plugin.h         : needed both by dillo and plugins
Plugins.txt      : the extensive documentation for Dillo-plugins
I also enclosed those files for tests :
bookmarks : adding bookmarks not working yet, but menus are, so is
            browsing (even group-browsing : try to copy your netscape
            bookmark.html in ~/.dillo/ ; there will be an option for
            "classic" grouping or "yahoo-style")
dpi_test  : Jorge's first testing script, reworked to add the protocol.
echo      : usefull for debugging url calls
echo.c    : the source for echo (gcc -o echo echo.c), you can put it in
            dillo releases if you want. (needs plugin.h)
mailto.pl : the not-working example for a "mailto:" plugin, in Perl.

27 oct 2000: Dillo-plugins first release.

This is the first release of the new Dillo-plugins patch. This is not an official patch yet. This patch is not quite complete for now, but it's working and stable. This patch lacks the support for the Menu X-Dillo-Commands. It's intended for review only : do not send me patches for anything about Dillo-plugins for now, only comments, bug repports, ... it's still printing a lot of debug messages.
The complete & clean patch will be published soon.
To try Dillo-plugins, you'll need a patched version of Dillo, and plugins in the directory .dillo/plugins/ of your home directory, or in /usr/local/share/dillo/plugins/. Four sample plugins are provided for now.
All binaries all compiled on a Linux mandrake 7.0 and should run on and RedHat-based Linux.
A patch against Dillo v0.2.4 is here. A patch against cvs version is here.(binary version)
I worked on a CVS version, that's why the patch against v0.2.4 is a mix-up of several things.
A draft version of Dillo-plugins documentation.
A very simple Dillo-plugin, only for testing purpose : dpi_test (don't forget to chmod +x it)
A Dillo-plugin for debuging communications with Dillo: echo
A sample mailto plugin : it's not actually working, it's only intended as a demonstration of html forms with a Dillo-plugin, and how to make a poorly written Dillo-plugin in Perl ;-)
The future Bookmarks Dillo-plugin. Not finished yet ( no "Add bookmark :-(, no "Edit bookmarks, no configuration ) but a fancy Yahoo-style navigation. (try it by copying netscape's bookmarks.html to ~/.dillo/)

Patches against dillo v0.2.4.

Explanations in dillo.patches.txt

Html.testsuite.tar.gz (browse it online) (and the Png Testsuite)

dillo.pngerror.patch : patch to clean-up error handling in png.c and protect dillo form segfaulting when loading some corrupted png images (see official png testsuite or my html test suite).